[Zhuhai] The Grand Theater built on an island! Star Riviera attraction for tourist in Zhuhai

Mar 5, 2021 | China, Play

The culture of a city is its own brand. The richer the culture, the greater the tourist attraction.
One such city is Zhuhai, that was recently voted as the most liveable city in China.
The City of Zhuhai shown stellar progress in recent years, and has built monuments for tourists to take back with them, rich experience in their baggage.
One such testament is Zhuhai Grand Theater. It mesmerizes the visitors with its breathtaking locale, serenity yet simplicity. It is no wonder, that it is one of the tourist hotspots.
The construction area spans across 59,000 square meters, which can accommodate colossal patrons. The structure is unique and depicts Sun and a Moon Shell.


The large shell represents the Sun & is named aptly as the “Sun Shell“, which is 90 meters high and can accommodate ~1,600 spectators. The small shell resonates the Moon and is called the “Moon Shell” which can accommodate 500 spectators. There is also an observation platform in the theater which provides a scenic view of the vast & effervescent sea. It’s a perfect therapeutic place to unwind.


“Sun and Moon Shell“ are currently the only twin theaters that dominate this island in China, so it serves as a massive tourist magnet. The theatre is next to a commercial shopping mall named “Haiyun City”, that houses dining, shopping and entertainment avenues. This area is a prime tourist hotspot.


This island is so rejuvenating that even a small stroll at the scenic spots like “Lovers Road” and “Wild Tiger Island“ leaves you rich with experience & awe. Its picturesque locales are an excellent backdrop for your holiday pictures and can rekindle the romance in your life. Its no secret why its is also the most chosen premise for wedding photo shoots.


The “large shell” building, with the breathtaking sea view and blue sky, teleports you to a wonderland. At night the light arrangement creates soft glistening colorful kaleidoscope effect.
The theatre brimming with art and culture is guaranteed to leave you besotted and bewitched!
Stop reading this page a quickly book your tickets right now to get a first had experience of this amazing fairy world.