[Thailand] Wat Samphran, a hidden yet worth visit spots in Thailand. It is a building decorated like a giant dragon!

Jan 3, 2022 | Play, Thailand

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Travelling brings out the child in us that is eager to explore and is enthusiastic about every new experience. Wat Samphran in Thailand is definitely one such places in the world that will bring out the child in us that’s curious to explore around. Its special because Wat Samphran in Thailand is a relatively secluded tourist destination, but it still attracts many foreigners to visit because the giant dragon on the periphery of Wat Samphran is very eye-catching. The giant dragon hovering from the ground to the top is actually a tunnel, which is rarely open to the public.

But it is definitely worth a visit to just to take a look at this dragon! If you go to Thailand, you must definitely visit.


It looks really amazing and eye catching.


The giant dragon looks realistic and majestic.


Even fish scales are created to look so real!



It looks magnificent when you look it from the ground!
The pictures must have definitely aroused your interest.

Wat Samphran(蟠龍寺)
Address: Sampran a Sampran CH Nakorpthom, Bangkok 73110, Thailand