[Thailand] Must-live hotel in Chiang Mai! Looking alike Moroccan palace, allowing you to experience ethnic costume.

Jan 3, 2022 | Thailand, Play

Experience is the primary essence of travel. People travel to get new experience that stays with them forever after the holidays. One such place to make beautiful memories is Grand Morocc Hotel located in Chiang Mai in Thailand. If you love taking pictures then this is strongly recommended for your stay as this place is replete with ethnic Moroccan style design & décor which is a great backdrop to people who like to take pictures and post on social media!

The grandiosity of the hotel is breathtaking and it looks like a palace.
The design is based on the Moroccan style, and the colors are mainly blue, green and white to capture the essence.
The big swimming pool in the middle is quite picturesque and pristine.

There are lot of beautiful spots around the hotel, and the decorations and walls are ethnically Moroccan style.


Even the walls make an excellent background for perfect holiday pictures.

Such beautiful ethnic mosaic patterns!
The major tourist attraction for this hotel is that you can rent traditional Moroccan costumes in the hotel and wear them with your friends!
Its like experiencing a stay in Morocco while in the heart of Thailand!
Look at this view with Afternoon Tea is super tranquilizing and cool!



The inside as well as the outside the hotel, the lobby or the hotel rooms, have a whiff of the authentic ethnic patterns.


It’s a perfect holiday spot for a collection of beautiful photos with exotic memories!

The Grand Morocc Hotel

Address:596/2 Moo 1, Rim Tai Sub-District, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180