[Taiwan] Must-try cafe in Taipei City, with Curry “Sunrise Lava Cheese Hamburg Steak”!

Apr 8, 2021 | Food, Taiwan

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The tasteful aroma of coffee tingles your taste buds and instantly refreshes your mind.
Coffee is the best source of refreshment to add a zest to your life.
There are lots of coffee shops in Taiwan, some of which specialize in drinks and desserts.
However, our particular pick is “Miuya Cafe” which is special, as its unique selling point is their “Sunrise Lava Cheese Hamburg Steak”.


The curry rice with lava egg yolk, perfectly complements the curry and cheese. The handmade Hamburg Steak is deliciously enticing. It is made of mixed beef and pork meat and the portions are thick and juicy!


The restaurant is really health conscious because it serves a mixture of purple rice and grain rice, which is healthier than white rice! The overall taste of the curry rice is rich, that makes it an unforgettable culinary experience.


Curry rice with “Sunrise Lava Cheese Hamburg Steak” is the restaurant’s most sought after signature item. Each customer can only order one! Stop reading this passage and visit Miuya Café now and order your plate right now and let us know how did you find it!

Miuya Cafe
Address: No. 18, Qingli Street, Tucheng District, New Taipei City