[Taiwan] Limited benefits for birthdays! “7 Dragon Balls” Hotpot!

Mar 21, 2022 | Taiwan, Food

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Hotspot is the best soul food during winter, so naturally as the weather starts to get colder, it’s time to eat hotpot!
There is a hotpot restaurant in Taiwan that launched “7 Dragon Balls Hotpot” which is very famous due to its unique name and tasty hotspot!

The restaurant serves this “7 Dragon Balls” to anyone who has birthday on that particular date.

It’s not just for garnishing! It can be eaten as well.
The “Dragon Balls” are made by animal collagen, which makes the hotpot soup even more delicious!

There is a legend that a dragon will appear once you have collected 7 dragon balls!

Warm reminder to the patrons that, “7 Dragon Balls” is limited, only one per day! So you must make reservation if you wanna have a try it.

Daqiaotou No.1 Hotpot (大橋頭第一鍋物)
Address: No. 120, Minquan West Road, Taipei