[Taiwan] It’s cute that even the dolls shown up on traffic light fall in love and become lovers!

Mar 21, 2022 | Fun, Taiwan

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Creativity is an art and not everyone is an artist. Sometimes you will witness creativity in the rarest of the situations, which can make you just simply admire the work of art. One such rare place that will make you really admire creativity are the “traffic light couples”in Pingtung, Taiwan!
Did you ever imagine that even the traffic light dolls can be lovers?

The “little green man” on the traffic light was surprisingly “single” for 18 years, and finally he has found to be “occupied” now in Pingtung!
When the red traffic light turns on, you will find the “Marriage proposal version” of traffic light dolls. And when the green traffic light turns on, it means that the marriage proposal has been successfully accepted and you could see two of them holding hands happily!

Why would the “little green man” suddenly become “occupied” instead of “single”? The reason was Taiwan government wanted to encourage fertility!
The “little green men” all over the world are all alone, but in order to present a delicate marriage proposal on the traffic lights, Pingtung government used 10 times more LED lights to make the “little green men” become “occupied” successfully!

Following the launch of love traffic lights on Valentine’s Day at the beginning of the year, on the eve of Mother’s Day, the traffic light of the “pregnancy version” was launched!
A family of three crossing the road looks really creative!

At present, there are more than 70 different versions of the advanced version of the “little green man” in the scenic spots and intersections in Pingtung.

This is a unique creative imagination that even traffic light dolls can become lovers!