[Taiwan] Hsinchu City’s popular “Bread in bubble milk tea flavor” which looks really attractive!!

Jan 19, 2022 | Taiwan, Food

Bubble milk tea is one of the most famous authentic delicacies in Taiwan.
Recently, a bakery has launched a “Bread in bubble milk tea flavor” which instantly took the Internet by a storm, and attracted lot of people to visit and try!


“Bread in bubble milk tea flavor” is full of tea fragrance and the bread is really soft in texture.


If you want to eat the bread immediately right after you buy it, you must be extremely careful because when the bubble bursts it can leave your mouth charred. So statutory advise, buy this when you are not extremely hungry and can spare a few mins to wait until you relish this exquisite innovative dish.

The creamy fillings of milk tea are really tasty!



There are so many brown sugar “bubbles” inside too that looks really tempting and mouthwatering. It invokes your curiosity and makes you want to try it atleast once!


There is actually an authentic way to eat the bread!
You can wait a couple of minutes after your purchase and the fillings inside the bread will condense into cheese! This authentic way of eating is also very taste bud friendly!


Everyone who loves to experiment with food must definitely try this when you visit Taiwan!


Shi Da Fa (西大發)
Address: No. 3, Chang’an Street, North District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan