[Taiwan] Chixi Rock Waterfall in Penghu, a spectacular scenery spot that you must visit!

Oct 28, 2021 | Taiwan, Play

Nature is the best therapy. When you visit a waterbody, it automatically has a calming effect on you. One such excellent place in Taiwan is Chixi Rock Waterfall in Penghu. It’s a heaven on earth, with the water so pristine clean that you can see your reflection in it.

Naturally it is one of the most visited & must visit places that’s worth your visit and to take pretty pictures in Taiwan!

The “Chixi Columnar basalt” is extremely spectacular, and it faces a very beautiful coastline. Also, there is an abandoned fish steak farm, so everyone can go to the sea to take photos in the scenic beauty of the nature.


One side is the ocean, and the another side is the Chixi Columnar basalt.


Photos taken here are aesthetic and make your pictures look envious.


However, you should be very careful and watch your step as there are so many rocks which you should be cautious when taking pictures.


The other side which faces the ocean, looks serene and stunning.


Penghu – Chixi Rock Waterfall
Address: Chixi Village, Xiyu Township, 881, Taiwan (881澎湖縣西嶼鄉池西村池西岩瀑)