[Taiwan] A popular café in Taipei which is designed in “Water Pipe” style!

Nov 22, 2021 | Taiwan, Play

Whenever you visit a place, you must definitely try something that will make your experience unique & unforgettable. Have you ever imagined dining in water pipes? Sounds crazy right?
There is a very special café (café is named 「別有洞天」 in Chinese) in Huatan Township, Changhua County, Taiwan. Its decor is as same as water pipe!
All of its windows are in the shape of an oversized water pipe, which attract lots of people to visit, dine and take pictures there!

Those water-pipe-shaped windows are unique & uncommon.

The lights also change the ambience & make sit more amiable & pretty.

Each water pipe glass house can accommodate 4-6 guests.

There are independent pipe houses outside too!

It is spacious, extremely unique & definitely worth visiting.

This is really suitable for taking good pictues!

Address: No. 25-16, Huaqiao Street, Qiaotou Village, Huatan Township, Changhua County, Taiwan
Time: 11:00 – 21:30 (Closed on Monday)
Contact number:04 787 4518