[Taichung Accommodation] A super artistic hotel! The geometric architectural elements present the most beautiful Taichung skyline

May 4, 2023 | Taiwan, Play

There is a very beautiful hotel in Taichung

located directly across from the Taichung Museum of Fine Arts,

it has a design full of artistic sense that has attracted many people to come and stay for a photo shoot!

This hotel often collaborates with artists

With the concept of ‘Home Museum’

Incorporating geometric elements into the architectural design,the result is a space full of stylishness and sophistication!

The hotel has a total of 12 floors and 170 rooms

From time to time, there will also be special art exhibitions on display~

And the most unique feature is the hotel’s starry sky room!

Using pure white as the main color scheme, irregular geometric curves are employed

Showcasing the beautiful Taichung skyline from the best angles!

The geometric-shaped windows are spacious enough

I wonder if you can see the stars at night through these windows?

台中大毅老爺行旅 (The Place Taichung)
Address:台中市西區英才路601號 (NO.601, YINGCAI RD., WEST DIST., TAICHUNG CITY, TAIWAN)