Someone try to cosplay the characters in a famous movie “Up”! The old man is totally the same!

Oct 29, 2021 | Other Country, Fun

The most innocent relation in the world is the relation between a grandparent and a grandchild. This is beautifully captured in the camera lens when a child and an old man tried to cosplay the characters in the movie “Up”. This attracts thousands of people to re-post and share on social media platforms and has become quite a rage on multiple platforms.

The background was that the mother of the child is the photographer, who helped her 5-year-old son to take a series of photos as a part of his birthday celebration. Her son invited his great-grandfather to join them. And the little boy suggested to cosplay the characters from his favorite movie “Up”!

They imitated perfectly which was almost the same as the characters in movie! It’s a quite big tourist attraction especially for photo shoots.

Especially the face size and hair style of the old man!

They paid lots of attention in styling perfectly.

If the child was a bit fatter, he would have been perfectly just as the boy in movie!

What surprised me is, the old man is actually 90 years old!

source : fb@Rachel Perman Photography