[Shenzhen] Innovative Beijing cuisine in Shenzhen, must-eat Peking Duck in “XIHEYAYUAN”

Mar 23, 2021 | China, Food

The Peking Duck, a famous dish in Beijing, has always been a delicacy and is very popular! The “XIHEYAYUAN” roast duck restaurant has opened in Beijing for more than ten years. In recent years, it has been expanded to many branches in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Although there are more and more branches, it does not affect the quality and taste. Every shop is delicious! But when it comes to price concessions, Shenzhen is definitely the most cost-effective area!


One of the selling points of “XIHEYAYUAN” is its original signature “3 tasting ways of roast duck”. In addition to the traditional “sliced-skin duck” method, there are also two unique innovative tasting methods that break the locals’ perception of Peking Duck. The first method is a traditional one. Duck leg’s meat is eaten together with buried ingredients, which is authentic enough. In terms of ingredients, in addition to cucumber shreds, Beijing onion shreds and sweet noodle sauce, onions and hawthorn sticks are also added!


The second tasting method is quite innovative that recommended by “XIHEYAYUAN”. Duck breast’s skin with blueberry sauce and “Popping Candy” are eaten together. It is really special! It uses “Popping Candy” instead of traditional white sugar, and blueberry sauce instead of sweet noodle sauce. It is very fresh and difficult to be found in other places. It is very special for locals and foreign tourists!


And the third way is to eat duck breast with mustard sauce. “XIHEYAYUAN” has its own mustard sauce, together with duck breasts with rich meat flavor, the sweet and sour taste is appetizing, and it has a refreshing feeling.


The Peking duck provided in the restaurant is divided into skins, breasts, and legs. The meat are chewy and is not too greasy. It really worth trying!