[Shenzhen] Finger licking delicious Shenzhen’s best “Suan Cai Yu” with succulent portions served at Grand Ding House.

Feb 4, 2021 | China, Food

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Travel is the only thing that you buy, that makes you richer! When you travel to Aisa, you get the rich taste of the cuisine, curated authentic recipes that are passed on, from generation to generation. Asia is famous for its sea food & in China, “Suan Cai Yu” (Pickled Cabbage Fish) is a legendary speciality. “Suan Cai Yu” originated in Chongqing, should be a must try item on your itinerary for your trip to Shenzhen.

Of all the places that serve Suan Cai Yu, the most finger licking experience can be guaranteed from “Grand Ding House” restaurant. They have quite a few branches in Guangzhou, which provides the best “Suan Cai Yu” in China. In a short span of time, they opened many branches in Shenzhen to cater to their increasing clientele that lines up outside their restaurant due to their increasing popularity.


“Grand Ding House” welcomes you warmly in their dining hall that is adorned in Chinese elegance. They are committed to ensuring great customer experience, hence they assure their diners that “oil will only be used once”, so that patrons can enjoy the food with great relish! The menu offers a variety of Sichuan dishes. We recommend “Suan Cai Yu” (Pickled Cabbage Fish), Dry Pot and Hot Pot. They are also served along with tempting side dishes and snacks.


The “Suan Cai Yu” served at Grand Ding House weighs around one pound. If this is going to be your solo order, then you need to order at least a two-pound fish. Meanwhile, you can order sora, which is quite distinctive! At Grand Ding House Suan Cai Yu is prepared with great attention to details & is expertly combined with ingredients like vegetables, noodles and of course, lots of sauerkraut. You can also order your favourite snacks too.


Their “Suan Cai Yu” is rich in taste, and their portions are quite succulent & enormous! Their spices are well moderated & are easy to eat. The sesame fragrance is guaranteed to build your appetite & it is definitely worth a try! “Grand Ding House” servings are an excellent balance of taste at an affordable price for authentic Cantonese “Suan Cai Yu”.