[Shenzhen] Best check-in spot for photo-taking, Shenzhen University

Apr 7, 2021 | China, Play

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In recent years, the “simple and fresh style” culture are popular and “check-in” by photo-taking culture has become a mainstream among youngsters. It makes people pay more attention to the buildings nearby and discover different check-in spots! And there is a place in Shenzhen that attracts many people to make a special trip to check-in. That all-white-themed building is not an art museum, but actually a university!


“Shenzhen University” is located on the Nanshan Peninsula of Shenzhen. The university won the first prize of National Campus Architectural Design, and it is one of the top ten historical buildings in the Special Economic Zone. So many people visit there intentionally!


The most representative check-in spot is the “Science and Technology Building” in front of the university. You can see some iconic pure-white square windows outside the building. The neat and uniform design is full of artistic style. There are many stairs in university as well, you can easily capture a casual and intellectual photo!


It’s the best to choose noon when you visit there and take photos. The white exterior wall is illuminated by the sunlight, which gives you a feeling of freshness and vitality! Remember to wear clothes with strong contrasting colors if you can, because the bright colors will be more prominent under the white background, and the photos will be much better!


This check-in spot is full of artistic style and it is free admission, which is really worth going. But remember that it is a campus area, keep quiet and try not to affect the students!

Shenzhen University
Address: 3688 Nanhai Ave, Nanshan Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China