[Shenzhen] All round the year edible Coconut chicken in “Run Yuan Four Seasons Coconut Chicken”!

Mar 5, 2021 | China, Food

A wise traveler once said “Live for the moments you cant put it in words!” One such moment is when you try “Run Yuan Four Seasons Coconut Chicken”. Coconut chicken is trending in Hong Kong in recent years. When chicken is cooked in coconut milk & coconut meat, it adds a delicious texture to the dish while keeping the nutritional value intact. It’s a perfect blend of taste and health. When the chicken is perfectly cooked in coconut milk its absorbs the essence & creates a juicy dish that is invigorating delicious dollop of good health. It is instrumental in extracting beauty and health benefits. Hence its becoming quite a sought after dish.


Your search for perfect coconut chicken ends in Shenzhen’s “Run Yuan Four Seasons Coconut Chicken”. They have gained mass appeal and host multiple outlets in major shopping malls in Shenzhen. The long queue outside each outlet is a proof of their excellent taste & culinary expertise.


“Run Yuan Four Seasons Coconut Chicken” is popular in Shenzhen with its sweet coconut soup base. The soup base is made of coconut milk and coconut meat. The staff is dedicated to ensure that the soup base is first boiled & then the whole Wenchang chicken is added to it & is cooked at the perfect temperature to prevent the chicken from overcooking and to ensure the chicken has a rich taste & smooth texture. They ensure that there are no MSG and seasonings, so it maintains the original flavor. When the coconut soup is absorbed in the chicken it’s a match made in heaven!


The soup base is simple yet has many healthy ingredients. You can customize your soup by adding vegetables, pork and other items as per your taste & preference. It can be laced with raw coconuts available in the store to add to a sprint of taste. Its guaranteed to be a sumptuous meal.


Coconut chicken at “Run Yuan Four Seasons Coconut Chicken” has its health benefits & can be consumed throughout the year. The pricing is quite pocket friendly & you can treat a group of people with a bowl of good health without pinching your pockets.