[Morocco] A blue dreamy town, which makes you feel like staying in a blue country!

Feb 22, 2022 | Other Country, Play

Blue is the color of infinity, it symbolizes endlessness just like the sky and the ocean. Imagine living in a whole town that has everything blue!
“Chefchaouen” in Morocco,is just the place of your dreams where everything is blue, the streets, walls, doors, etc.! Walking in this town feels like you are walking in the heart of an ocean. The peace and tranquility is amazing because, Chefchaouen is not a very popular tourist destination. So you can experience the feeling of being “surrounded by blue”and take wonderful pictures that will definitely invoke the curiosity of your friends and family.!

It looks really beautiful, scenic and rare!


The whole place is surrounded by blue and as you venture you will feel like you are delving deeper in to the ocean


The blue color has a therapeutic & calming effect which is perfect for a holiday.


The whole town is a scenic location for taking perfect holiday pictures. The blue surroundings make all the décor stand out and make you look happy and calm on your holiday!



Chefchaouen The Blue Pearl
Location: Northwestern Morocco city