[Macau] The best Portuguese Egg Tart in Macau, served at “Lord Stow’s Bakery”

Mar 5, 2021 | Food, Macau

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You have to “taste” a culture to understand it! You get one such splendid taste of culture when you visit “Lord Stow’s Bakery” in Macau. You must try their local Portuguese Egg Tart! “Lord Stow’s Bakery” is a very well-known bakery in Macau that has a legacy of history. It was established by a Brit named Andrew on September 15, 1989 and “Lord Stow’s Bakery” has more than 30 years of prominence. Andrew, the owner of “Lord Stow’s Bakery”, is the founder of Macau’s signature Portuguese Egg Tart by the Macau SAR government. It is the first Portuguese Egg Tart in Macau!


The Portuguese Egg Tarts at “Lord Stow’s Bakery” are quite sought after due to their perfect combination of crispy crust, yet smooth egg fillings which create a perfect melt in the mouth delight. The experience is quite exquisite and unforgettable because the surface of the egg tart is a slightly burnt, which brings out the distinct taste of caramel, which enhances the taste level and is very attractive!


Andrew was the only British in Macau at the time. He was inspired by a Portuguese dessert called “Pasteis de Nata” and transformed the dessert into today’s Portuguese Egg Tart. So Portuguese Egg Tart is actually a unique delicacy in Macau, which cannot be found in Portugal!


Portuguese Egg Tart tastes best if it is sweet but not greasy. It can be served as snack or dessert! Although “Lord Stow’s Bakery” has branches all across the world, however you should try at the outlet that originated in Macau. It’s the birthplace of authentic Portuguese Egg Tarts, you can relish the exceptional taste of origin!