[Macau] Small restaurant in Macau named “Wah Lee Barbecue”, selling skewers food for over 30 years

Apr 8, 2021 | Macau, Food

Many people don’t know that there is a barbecue restaurant in Macau that is famous for skewers food! The restaurant named “Wah Lee Barbecue” (華麗燒烤) introduced this time has a history of about 30 years and is famous for its charcoal grilling. It is a collective memory of the old neighborhoods in Macau.


This barbecue restaurant has no signboard and is very hidden. The food it serves are grilled chicken wings, sausages, chicken skins, chicken cartilage, chicken dumplings, fish eggs, cheese sausages, and so on. Although there are not many types of food to be chosen, the cooking method of those skewers food is simple, and there are no gorgeous decorations, every single food is made by the owner himself with a unique marinade every day!


Each of their skewers food is hand-made and grilled one by one on a charcoal stove, so the waiting time will be a bit long. But it is really worth waiting as their food is really delicious!


The famous item of “Wah Lee Barbecue” is its grilled chicken skin, which is crispy outside and smooth inside. The owner emphasizes that all skewers food are MSG-free, and diners can enjoy the original flavor of each items. The mentality of making the skewers food already worth a try!


Wah Lee Barbecue
Address: 60 Rua de Marques de Oliveira, Santo Antonio