[Macau] Must-eat Rice noodle rolls in Macau!

Apr 8, 2021 | Macau, Food

If you have chance to visit Macau, you must try a popular store which sells rice noodle roll, named “Lun Kee Soft Rice Noodle Roll” (倫記軟滑腸粉)! Rice noodle rolls are made from rice milk, which is a Cantonese snack and can be eaten in many congee restaurants, street stalls etc. The rice noodle rolls are delicious and full, so many people eat them for breakfast, afternoon tea, or even midnight supper. It is a popular snack in Guangdong!


“Lun Kee” is famous for its rice noodle roll which is freshly made by order. It specializes in traditional rice noodle rolls and various congees and noodles. The rice noodle rolls are made by using “cloth”. They will pour rice milk on the soaked cloth first and steam it. Afterwards, they will put different ingredients as fillings on the steamed rice milk, then rolled into strips and cut into sections. Lastly, serve with sauce!


As an ordinary snack in Macau, rice noodle rolls are not expensive. Customers can choose different ingredients to be added into the rolls according to their personal tastes. “Lun Kee” also offers “Barbecued Pork Flavour”, “Pork Liver Flavour” and “Beef Flavour”. You can try different flavors of rice noodle rolls.


However, the rice noodle rolls mentioned above are all common flavors. If you want to eat something special, the most famous “Scallion with Egg Flavour” is recommended! This flavour of rice noodle rolls are not easy to be found in other shops, it tastes really smooth but not sticky. Eating together with a lot of soy sauce, sweet sauce and sesame sauce makes the flavor much more rich! And the portion is large enough, it is really worth a try!


The rice noodle roll is not expensive, and you can order different ingredients to suit your personal taste. It is so popular in Macau, you must try it.

Lun Kee Soft Rice Noodle Roll 倫記軟滑腸粉
Address: Shop B, G/F, Quan Choi Building, 26 Shalan Tsai Street, Shalitou, Macau