[Macau] Best Coconut Ice cream in Macau, freshly made by “Hong Heng Cocos” every day!

Apr 8, 2021 | Macau, Food

When you talk about Macau cuisine, many people will appreciate Portuguese Egg Tart. Actually in addition to Portuguese Egg Tart, Coconut Ice cream is also a representative of Macau cuisine! This time, a local Macau brand “Hong Heng Cocos” is introduced to you! This time-honored brand has opened its first store in the Qing Dynasty. It has a history of more than 140 years and has been in operation for four generations. It retains the authenticity of Macau’s unique Coconut Ice cream.


As a traditional brand of coconuts, “Hong Heng Cocos” has much deeper understanding of coconuts than most of the people, as well as the best and most suitable way to deal with coconuts, since it has rich experiences! The owner said that all coconut foods in his store use coconuts from Malaysia, which is not too big, but the coconut meat is much thicker than ordinary coconuts with strong coconut taste. Coconuts from Malaysia are already delicous enough even no extra sugar or seasoning are added.


The signature Coconut Ice cream is a must-eat recommendation. It is made from fresh coconut milk and other ingredients. You are able to taste the original flavor of coconut, which is super delicious! The ice cream is handmade by the owner every morning, and he can only complete few dozen cups of ice cream by noon. Every cup of the Coconut Ice cream is made with heart, which is very rare!


The reason why products from “Hong Heng Cocos” have good reputations is because they are very rigorous from the selection of materials to the production process. They retain the traditional hand-made methods to create a unique smooth and delicate taste of ice cream! In terms of taste, the Coconut Ice cream is not too sweet, but with full and rich coconut fragrance, giving it a refreshing feeling. Due to the complicated production process, Coconut Ice cream is only made twice a day, stop selling if all sold!


Many ice creams nowadays are made by machines, or use spices to replace real fruit meat, so this kind of authentic and traditional ice cream from “Hong Heng Cocos” is really rare to buy. Next time you go to Macau, remember to visit there early to see if there is a chance to try!

Hong Heng Cocos
Address: G/F, 14 R. da Tercena, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro