[Macau] Awe inspiring natures creation, “The Heart Shaped Tree” curated by Macau Science Center is a scenic photo spot.

Mar 17, 2021 | Macau, Play

Nature is the art of God & you will see a specimen of such beautiful work of art right outside
Macau Science Center in the form of a heart shaped tree that creates a beautiful background of love an companionship & is a perfect spot for couple photographs. This tree is regularly trimmed by the Science Center to maintain natures beautiful creation. It forms a perfect photo spot in Macau.


The “heart-shaped tree” is actually a banyan tree. Due to favorable natural environmental factors such as the weather and sunshine, the crown of the tree gradually grows into heart shape, which attracts many couples and tourists to visit this “heart tree”! Recently over the last few years, the “heart tree“ has become one of the popular spots for wedding photography. Everyone hopes to take pictures at this romantic spot!


Other than the “heart tree”, the Macau Science Center itself is actually a building worth admiring too! The Macau Science Center was designed by a well-known architect Leoh Ming Pei. The oblique-cone pavilion is unique. The exterior of the pavilion is mainly white and gray. The simple style is very attractive from inside as well as well as from outside.


There is a walking trail alongside the tree-buried array outside the Science Center is quite therapeutic. You can walk along with your partner while admiring the wonderful creation of nature which is guaranteed to rekindle your romance in the abundance of nature. It is a breathtaking scenic spot definitely worth visiting!


Macau Science Center
Address: Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen