[Korean Cuisine] Calling all mango lovers!! Must-try Jeju’s popular Mango Snowflake Ice Hot Pot

May 4, 2023 | Food, Korea

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Summer is coming!

When you come to Jeju, this vacation paradise, you definitely have to try Mango Snowflake Ice Hot Pot of Mango Holic!

Not only is it very popular, but it’s also a real heat reliever!

That’s the one! Because a large amount of dry ice is placed in the middle of the pot in advance, so when you open the lid, it emits a lot of white smoke~

You can already feel the coolness up close~

The surface is covered with fresh, golden mangoes~ It looks really satisfying!

And underneath is the snowflake ice~ There are also mango ice cream, red beans, and small rice cakes made with corn starch added~

After eating it, the heat is immediately relieved!!

In addition, there are also mango shaved ice, mango juice, and mango desserts that you can try~

It’s still not the favorite of mango lovers~

The decoration has a great summer vibe~

Sitting here and enjoying the icy dessert makes you feel really comfortable~ This is what we call ‘indulgence’!


Mango Holic
Business hours: 10:00 ~ 22:00
IG : holic.mango