[Korea] Wormwood flavored ice cream with dark green color! It looks super cute and tastes yummy which worth your queue!

Nov 12, 2021 | Korea, Food

Long queues outside a café is synonymous to good food. No wonder people are willing to wait till their turn to try the food. One such place is Wormwood Ice-cream café in Yeosu City, South Korea. People eagerly wait for their famous items: Wormwood ice cream!

This café also serves handmade burgers as well. However, their wormwood ice cream is a crowd puller as it is very cute and yummy which attracts lots of customer.

And the dark-green color is unique for an ice cream. You must definitely give it a try when you visit South Korea!


Simple and plain designs are its speciality.


The shape of the ice cream looks like an elf’s hat and it gives it a magical never seen before appearance.


A small cup of ice cream looks so cute.


The green color is pretty and IG-able.


The café also serves delicious foods items which you can wash down with a swirl of Wormwood Ice cream!


A must visit place on your itinerary on your trip to South Korea!

麗水堂 (여수당)
Address: Location: 72, Jungang-ro, Yeosu City, Jeonnam (전남 여수시 중앙로 72)
Opening hours: 10:00 – 21:00