[Korea] Umbrella Hanging Stand which looks like a mini rain boot! It is really cute and you should have one!

Nov 22, 2021 | Korea, Play

Souvenirs are a mini reminder of a beautiful trip. Whenever you visit a place you should get the most unique and different souvenirs which are uncommon in the rest of the world. One such perfect gift worthy souvenir is an Umbrella Hanging Stand available in Korea, which looks like a mini rain boot! It is very practical & eye catching.

On a inconvenient rainy day this gift will add a sparkle to any person, especially when you have to take an umbrella with you which is difficult in placement or storage.

Korea has launched a small plastic sleeve that is extremely practical in use! You can place the sleeve in umbrella handle, which makes it easier for you to hang your umbrella along a table.


And its look of mini rain boot, is really cute! It’s a very thoughtful gift as it’s a perfect combination of uniqueness, practical & rare availability!


It is very convenient to place your umbrella in style!


The plastic is completely non-slippery.


And oh!!! There is Christmas version too! Isnt it a perfect unique souvenir.


Its available in different colors to suit your preference.

Website: 10×10