[Korea] The newest theme park “Lotte World Magic Forest” in Korea, where you can spend a whole day there to play!

Mar 8, 2022 | Korea, Play

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Welcome to South Korea’s largest national theme park ” Lotte World Magic Forest” which opened in 2021! Everyone is so excited!
The park is built next to the Lotte Outlet in Busan, South Korea, and its area is 3 to 4 times larger than that of Lotte World in Seoul.
The park has a total of 6 theme parks, 28 recreational facilities, 2 large-scale mobile games, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, etc.

The total area is about 500,000 square meters!!!!

It is so big that it takes a few days to explore the whole park as you cannot completely explore the place in just a day!

It’s really convenient for shopping as it is built right next to the Outlet!

The park consists of 6 parks including “Forest Fairy Village”, “Family Kids” with animal farm theme, “Laurie’s Kingdom Garden”, “Villain Village”, and “Underground Village” etc.

There are many shops for you to buy souvenirs as well!

Lotte World Magic Forest
Address: Near Busan Lotte Outlet