[Korea] Incheon’s super magnificent “Sea of Cosmos Flowers”, where you can take lots of beautiful pictures!

Nov 3, 2021 | Korea, Play

Sometimes you are afraid to close your eyes, because the reality is more beautiful than the dream. One such experience is when you see a sea of cosmos flowers and purple flowers, near the Incheon Airport in South Korea.

Looking at the view of “sea of pink flowers and planes flying overhead”, it’s really romantic and straight from a dream scene. The time window of blooming is really short! If you want to seethe pretty flowers, you have to be there at the right time!


The “sea of pink flowers” are really exquisite & dreamy.


The “sea of flowers” expanse is as far as the eye can see.


You can also see the flying planes overhead.


The place is cinematographically photogenic.


Lots of miscanthus can be found here too!


Flowers are only bloomed once a year, which is definitely worth your visit!

인천공항 하늘정원
Address: 2848-6 Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea
인천광역시 중구 운서동 2848-6
Duration: About late September to Early November
Opening hours: 9:30am – 5:30pm (Mon-Sun)