[Japan] Winter-limited scene in Fujisan, a super beautiful scene that you should observe once by your own eyes!

Jan 31, 2022 | Japan, Play

During winter most people just want to cozy up in their bed hurled in blankets However those locked indoors in the traps of the bed, have no idea of the beauty of the nature they are missing on! Winter is not the time to stay indoors, it’s the time to explore, how the blanket of snow makes the world look so beautiful! Tired of sitting at home and want explore a beautiful destination?
Then you must definitely consider visiting Fujisan in Tokyo. There’s a special scene named “Diamond Fuji” which appears only in winter.

“Diamond Fuji” actually refers to the moment when the sun sets and it folds over the top of Fujisan. Looking at the sun from a distance, it looks alike a diamond that sparkles brilliantly!

Since the position of the sun is different every time the sun sets, so if you want to see the “diamond” spectacle, you must choose a good seat!


Most of the people go to Yamanashi Lake in Yamanaka to see “Diamond Fuji”. In February, there are “Diamond Fuji Weeks” as well and there are candles and ice lanterns around the lake!



Depending on the time of your visit, you can follow the route map to find the best viewing location of “Diamond Fuji”~

Best viewing period: Mid October to Late February
#1 パノラマ台
#2 Yamanakako Lake (旭日丘湖岸)

Best viewing period: Late October to Mid February
#3 Kantō heiya Lake 1 (平野湖畔1)
#4 Kantō heiya Lake 2 (平野湖畔2)

Best viewing period: Early November to Early February
#5 ママの森下
#6 Nagaike Lake (長池湖畔2)

Best viewing period: Mid November to Late January
#7 Oikehama (大池浜)
#8 Liangjiri (梁尻)

Best viewing period: Late November to Mid January
#9 Yamanakako Hananomiyakd Kouen (花の都公園)


Before going to see Diamond Fuji, don’t forget to pack :

– Cap (preferably to protect both ears at the same time)
– coat
– Gloves
– Sunglasses
– Cold boots
– water/beverage (preferably warm)



Diamond Fuji
Suggested viewing dates: mid-October to end of February
Suggested viewing location: Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
Website: https://lake-yamanakako.com/feature/diamondfuji