[Japan Travel Destination] Nagoya’s must-visit spot for cherry blossom viewing is along the Kogawa River! In March, the riverside is adorned with the beautiful and romantic blooming of the Kawazu cherry blossoms.

Apr 4, 2023 | Japan, Play

There is a park called Okazaki Park in central Japan, which is very close to Nagoya. It takes about half an hour by car to get there.

If you keep walking upstream along the Kogawa River,

you will come across a row of Kawazu cherry blossom trees!

By mid-March every year, the cherry blossoms are almost fully bloomed,

forming a cherry blossom path that is over 800 feet long!

The riverside area is quite peaceful and comfortable!

Taking a stroll while admiring the beautiful cherry blossoms is definitely a great idea!

Address: Kogawa Riverside, Okazaki Shi, Aichi Prefecture