[Japan] The popular “Mr. CHEESECAKE” cheesecake with texture and tastiness as same as ice cream!

Nov 12, 2021 | Japan, Food

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Good Food makes good mood. One such mood food is the famous cheesecake from “Mr. CHEESECAKE” As the bite of the cheesecake melts in your mouth it also dissolves your problems & tensions and instantly lifts your mood. It is no wonder that if you read “stressed” backwards its becomes “desserts”!!!! Mr Cheesecake is a popular cheesecake brand on the Internet in Japan. Their soft-hearted cheesecakes have different textures in different states, and the frozen one will resemble an ice cream; completely defrosted one is like pudding, so amazing! It is like a super dessert!

The cheesecake has a rich cheese flavor.

Ohh it is so creamy and delicious! I am already craving for it.

Even the color is a sight for sore eyes.

It tastes really fantastic! You should definitely try once and you will want to eat it again!

It just melts in your mouth and changes your mood!

Even a takeaway bag is so pretty and well designed.
People who want to try their cheesecake should pay special attention to the sales announcement on their official website!

Online shop: mr-cheesecake