[Japan] “The Path of Light” in Miyajidake Shrine, the scenery is as beautiful as the sea melts into the sky.

Nov 3, 2021 | Japan, Play

Miyajidake Shrine in Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan, has become popular with tourists in recent years because of its name “The Path of Light”.

On certain days in February and October of each year, the shrine’s road and the setting sun lines up. The sunlight shines from the street to the shrine’s road, forming a “Path of Light”. Its beauty is surreal & inexplicable in words.

Famous Japanese celebrities “Arashi”,has posted about this & made the shrine more popular amongst tourists. Tourists visit here and enjoy its precious beauty and to experience the serenity & divine tranquility in the atmosphere of the shrine.


Miyajidake Shrine is usually visited by many people.

When the street and shrine’s road is connected by sunlight, it’s really so special! It looks like a scene from a movie, however, here only nature is the director of the scene.


It is even more breathtaking at dusk

This scenery is priceless!


The road shines orange, just like the path of heaven attracting you towards it.

The sunset is so stunning, you cannot take your eyes off the scene as though, if you look away the scene might change.


The biscuits (松枝餅) sold in the shrine have become very popular thanks to “Arashi”!

Miyajidake Shrine 宮地嶽神社
Address: 7-1 Miyaji Motomachi, Fukutsu, Fukuoka 811-3309, Japan