[Japan] The Heart Sutra printed on the eating noodles?

Jan 3, 2022 | Japan, Food

It is believed that by reciting or copying The Heart Sutra one can attain peace of mind, freedom from suffering, or even get healed from illness. Its sacred and considered to be like a candle that sheds its light to end the darkness of suffering.
You can get a unique experience of seeing the The Heart Sutra up close in Japan that too when you are eating noodles! What a unique experience.

“Okkirikomi”, a special food from Gunma Prefecture in Japan, which is actually a wide-sized noodles. A noodle shop named “Shindenosho” printed The Heart Sutra with edible ingredients on the noodles, and named them “The Heart Sutra Noodles” as “Fa Deng”.

You can see the scriptures clearly on the noodles.

Put the raw noodles in hot water until they are boiled, and then put them into the soup, so that the “words” on the noodles don’t melt or disappear.

If you are keen to try “The Heart Sutra Noodles” but you are not able to visit Japan, then you can always buy them online:

A pack of ¥1,620 (~HKD$120), and an extra HKD$60 for the shipping fee to Hong Kong. You can order it and try them in the peace of your own home!