[Japan] Snow Valley Resort in Hokkaido, where you can live in romantic snow mountain with perfect hot spring!

Feb 9, 2022 | Japan, Play

If summer equals to the sun and the beach, then winter should be equal to the snow!
Hokkaido as the northernmost island in Japan, it can be said to have one of the most beautiful snow scene in Asia!
Recently, a famous global hotel chain named “Aman” officially entered Niseko, Hokkaido. They plan to open a resort named “Aman Niseko” the original ecological nature reserve on Moiwa Mountain in the Niseko area~

Niseko, is a town famous for skiing. Because of the heavy snowfall and the fine texture of snow, Amen’s new hotel can let guests enjoy magnificent mountains and streams. They can explore the surrounding and then come to relax in the comfort of their rooms.

The rooms here are all individual apartments, and the villas are located in the forest, so that guests can enjoy the live natural scenery leisurely~

In order to make the hotel feel more adaptable to the nature, all rooms are decorated with woods, and there are also large floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors, making the guests seem to be all-surrounded by nature!

Apart from the natural scenery as a major selling point, in fact, the hotel also provides rejuvenation experience like spa and wellness. In addition to the comfortable and spacious hotel space, it also has a private spa pool.

The suites provided by Aman Spa include spa services, Finnish saunas, and a large spa area with showers and hot springs. The indoor swimming pool and hot springs face the terrace. In winter, you can watch the romantic snow scene, and the hot springs are immersed in the snow.

In addition to the beautiful snow scene, in fact, Niseko has its own unique scenery throughout the year, This is the perfect place for viewing red leaves forest in autumn!

Aman Niseko is actually Aman’s fourth hotel in Japan after Tokyo, Imu, and Kyoto. It is expected to officially open in 2023, but the hotel’s excellent location and excellent facilities are already attracting lot of curiosity.