[Japan] Shirakawa-go, the town of white snow

Jan 12, 2022 | Japan, Play

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Snow is the blanket of nature that makes everything look beautiful.
Shirakawa-go located at the Ogi-machi in the Ono District in Gifu Prefecture is the must visit spot to see this beautiful blanket of snow. No wonder it has become a popular choice for travelling in winter in recent years!
In addition to the charming scenery of the Japanese countryside, the more important reason is that the snow scenery of Shirakawa-go gives people a feeling of living through a fairy tale!

Want to go to Japan to watch the snow?
There is a popular snow country Hokkaido, however you may also add Shirakawa-go to your itinerary.



Shirakawa-go covered with white snow, coupled with its unique surroundings, is like a perfect right out of a fairytale movie set garden in the world.

The biggest attraction of Shirakawa-go is the “Gassho-zukuri”, is that it is also a World Heritage Site, beause the shape of the house is so sharp, making it look like joined hands, so it is called “Gassho-zukuri”.

Some rooms of Gassho-zukuri can be used for accommodation, but the availability is limited.

In the autumn in Shirakawa-go, you can also see the red leaves in the mountains and in winter there is lighting event every year!



Starting in 2019, visitors who want to participate in the lighting event must book an appointment!

In 2022, there will be six lights-up, which means that everyone has six opportunities to enjoy the romantic scenery in Shirakawa-go ~~

  • 16 January
  • 23 January
  • 30 January
  • 6 February
  • 13 February
  • 20 February

To make the best of your trip remember to book all accommodation, parking, bus and other arrangements in advance. Don’t forget to pay attention to this before your departure!
Event website:

Shirakawa-go (白川鄉)
Transportation: From Nagoya, take the Shoryudo Express Bus to Shirakurago Station, about 3 hours by car