[Japan] Okinawa Pizza café, where you can sit on the swing enjoying the healing sea view while eating!

Feb 22, 2022 | Japan, Play

Imagine sitting on a swing in front of a horizon where the blue sky meets the blue ocean and with the most delicious pizza to relish upon while you enjoy the scenery. You came make this dream come true at a Pizza cafe next to Ayahashi in Okinawa! Together with a blue sky, blue sea and the exotic design of the café, coupled with the outdoor swing seat facing the sea, it is an amazing feeling.


Enjoying the swing and looking at the sea is really healing


It’s even more breathtaking when the weather is favorable.



Their pizzas are delicious curated and are a treat to the taste just like the scenery is a treat to the eyes!


The café feels like an island


It is a must visit spot for nature lovers who also love good food!

Beachside Pizza Bar BEAPA
Address: 4 Yonashiroyahira, Uruma, Okinawa 904-2427, Japan