[Japan] Must-visit Hot Spring Hotel with lots of red leaves, named “Okudogo Ichiyu no Mori”

Nov 3, 2021 | Japan, Play

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Nature is an unimaginable art and God is the most creative artist. See the un-spoilt beauty of breathtaking nature at its best in Japan when you visit during Autumn where the leaves are red and the scenery is so beautiful, you will get confused where to look. Hot Springs is one of the most traditional cure as well as excellent self-indulgence. The best place to experience nature while enjoying therapeutic hot springs in Japan is “Okudogo Ichiyu no Mori”.

“Okudogo Ichiyu no Mori” is an old-style hot spring hotel near mountains. The hot springs are surrounded by mountains and valleys which are tranquil and serene.


The biggest feature of the hotel is that, all the windows are facing the mountain. Guests can enjoy the beautiful view of mountains and forests for any places of the hotel, as well as the beauty of the red leaves. It is really healing!


There are different shades of red experience the diversity in the color.


You can relax in the hot springs while enjoying the beautiful scenery.


That’s really surreal & beautiful


You can admire the scenery even from your own room!


However you can admire the red leaves closely when you are outdoor.


Just like a secret private paradise.

Okudogo Ichiyu no Mori「奥道後 壱湯の守」
Addreaa: 267 Suemachi, Matsuyama, Ehime 791-0122, Japan
Phone number: +81 89-977-1111
Red leaves prediction website: weathernews.jp