[Japan] “Maxell Aqua Park” located in Tokyo, a whole-day indoor attractions that worth visiting!

Apr 8, 2021 | Japan, Play

Every time travelling to Japan, you might be worried about the weather, whether it may change suddenly and affect your itinerary? In fact, apart from shopping malls, there is an indoor attraction in Tokyo that is worth visiting!


The “Maxell Aqua Park” in Tokyo is an attraction that combines amusement facilities, aquariums and musical performances. It has the most advanced sound and light imaging technology in Japan, and different themes will be changed during the year according to the changes of festivals and seasons. And the most anticipated item must be the dolphin performance at night! Every jumping of dolphins make splashes of water, with unique lighting, music and wall animation, it creates the strongest sensory experience. No wonder the audience clapped their hands with great appreciation!


In addition, there are some exhibition areas in “Maxell Aqua Park”, including the 20-meter-long underwater tunnel. You can enjoy precious species of marine fish there! Besides, “Maxell Aqua Park” has jellyfish museums, tropical rain areas etc., you can go to “Coral Cafe” having your meal and take photos too. After recharging, you can play the “pirate ship”, “merry-go-round” and other facilities, but be aware that extra charges are required.


If it rains next time when you travel to Tokyo, do not just go to shopping mall. “Maxell Aqua Park” is your choice!

Maxell Aqua Park
Address: Shinagawa 4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8611 (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)