[Japan] Hokkaido’s hotel room with “Hamburger and French Fries Theme”! You can see lots of French fries from the time you enter the room and also once you wake up in it!

Oct 29, 2021 | Japan, Play

There is a newly opened hotel called “Rembrandt Style Sapporo” in Sapporo, which has launched some hotel suites with “Hamburger and French Fries Theme”! They are super adorable.

Everything in the room has changed into French fries, soda drinks and hamburger. It’s so fancy and ideal hotel for family with kids to visit. It also attracts all ages patrons as the designing of the room is unique which makes the stay special.

People who are planning to visit Sapporo, must definitely remember to book this hotel suite!

Really quite unique and gigantic experience to see huge French fries on the bedside!

Actually, some extension from the bed are also “packaging of French fries”!

You should definitely sleep on the bed with French Fries!

Did you also notice that, the walls are decorated with cheese slices?

Even the toilet’s decor and hand sanitizer is shaped like a hamburger~

Address: Sapporo City, Sapporo City, South 7jo Nishi 5-chome (北海道札幌市中央区南7条西5丁目)