[Japan] “Hello Kitty Smile” in Kansai Awaji Island, a must-visit location in Japan, which is more than enjoying the flowers!

Dec 22, 2021 | Japan, Play

Awaji Island is the major hub for providing fresh ingredients from the imperial court since the ancient times, so it earned the reputation of “the country of imperial food”
And “Hello Kitty Smile” in Awaji Island, about an hour away from Kobe, is an excellent unwinding spot that finally opened in April 2018!


The Hello Kitty Smile restaurant hosts three different restaurants, including Smile Terrace, Smile Restaurant, and Party Balcony

1. Smile Terrace

This restaurant mainly caters to buffet that serves oriental cuisine. You can choose to sit on the terrace and enjoy the buffet as well!


2. Smile Restaurant

This is also buffet-style restaurant. Its slightly for a larger budget audience because its serves exotic high-end ingredients such as abalone, lobster, and shark fins.
If you are planning an exotic high end wedding, then this is just the place for you and your partner to create memories for lifetime.


3. Party Balcony
This restaurant offers exquisite refreshment packages combining Chinese and Western styles.
There is a dessert with Hello Kitty as the highlight, which is a major tourist attraction.


As for Hello Kitty Smile Cinema, you cannot avoid the most eye-catching Kitty’s head which is 14 meters high. It is exactly where the amphitheater is!
In addition to 3D stereoscopic projections and sound and light performances, there is also a kaleidoscope mirror that uses light and shadow refraction to present Kitty images. This is one of the most must visit experiences!
You can also enjoy a variety of Hello Kitty-related artworks in the art gallery outside!


You can go to the Hello Kitty Smile Shop to buy officially authorized Hello Kitty souvenirs as well!
Isn’t the Kitty sports car outside the store eye-catching?
There are shuttle bus services in Osaka and Kobe, which makes it easily accessible and easy to make a visit here!


Hello Kitty Smile
Address: 985-1, Nojima Namura, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone number: +81 799-70-9037