[Japan] A super special restaurant serving “Conveyor Belt Dessert”, which desserts are served to customers by running water!

Oct 28, 2021 | Japan, Food

Ever imagined a fantasy land where desserts appear magically out of no where? Conveyor belt Dessert is just the place. While “Conveyor Belt Sushi” is very common in Japan, “Conveyor Belt Dessert” restaurant is a novelty.

There is a dessert shop styled in Showa style in Shizuoka, which is very popular among locals and tourists! This is because desserts in their shop are transmitted to customers by running water!

This is really unique special and fun! You should definitely try when you visit Japan.

Looks like “Conveyor Belt Sushi” but with running water as the “belt”!

Once customers have made their orders, the ready-to-serve desserts will be put in a wooden barrel and are transmitted by running water.

Customers can distinguish their orders from the name plates on the seats

Their desserts are very attractive and are nostalgic of old-style reminiscence in modern times.

There are so many options of desserts, you should definitely try them all!