[Japan] 90-year-old elderly who learnt “Newspaper Collage” by herself and sat for 6 hours a day so as to finish the collage!

Feb 22, 2022 | Japan, Fun

You are never too late to learn or try something new! This is aptly proven by a 90-year-old elderly in Japan who spent 2 months learning about “Newspaper Collage” and completed several works every day. Her grandson helped her opened a Twitter account (@setsu0107) upload her works there!

If you are not well versed with the art of collage making, then let us guide you that the steps of collage are
1) to start the sketch first,
2) make the pattern,
3) cut out the part of the newspaper to match the corresponding color,
4) use the creative collage to form a pre-designed pattern!

This is a collage of a cat made by her, using her own cat as reference!

There are many colors in the ingredients of takoyaki, which is very difficult!

The granddaughter said that her grandma would be unstoppable and would sit for 6 hours once she starts to make the collage!

In fact, the reason behind why this elderly lady started “Newspaper Collage” was because her husband passed away in November last year, and her daughter recommended her to try collage in order to distract her sadness.
Her perseverance and dedication is admirable and if you look at her art works you willI hope to learn a form of art yourself too to express yourself