[Iran] Salt Lake in pink color which is as pretty as a fairyland!

Nov 22, 2021 | Other Country, Play

Imagine yourself surrounded by an expanse of pink ground, where the color changes in the sunlight making it picturesque & beautiful.

The Maharloo Salt Lake in Iran is a rare pink salt lake in the world, attracting a lot of people to go for a visit!

Most of the time, the lake water is pink in color. However under the intensity of sunlight, the color changes. And the lake water is like a mirror reflecting the sky, it is so beautiful that it looks just like a fairyland.


It looks so dreamy and picture perfect when the lake turns into a mirror reflecting the sky.


The earth looks amazing and the natural scenery is so beautifully breathtaking.


Life really needs a getaway like this!


Standing in the salt lake is an amazing experience


Picturesque locale makes it definitely worth visiting.


It is strongly recommended to take wedding photos here! It is an excellent backdrop of a fairytale romance!


A lake that’s all pink and romantic makes it nature’s best spot for photography.

Maharloo Lake
Location: Shiraz, a city in southwestern Iran