[Iceland] Winter-limited scenery: Vatnajökull’s Crystal Ice Cave! It is stunning that you will never regret having been there!

Mar 21, 2022 | Other Country, Play

Adventure makes a person come alive. When you experience an adventure, it teaches you a lot about life & how to survive in difficult situations.
Once such must have experience is exploring an ice cave!
Vatnajökull in Iceland is the largest glacier in Europe.
Every year from November to March, there are many local tour groups to explore the ice cave together! It is indeed an experience of a lifetime!


Crystal Ice Cave is not seen throughout the year, it appears in winter only!
The location, size and number of ice caves vary from year to year.
Among them, it is easier to find traces of ice caves near the Vatnajökull!


The density of this ice cube is very high, showing a clear blue color
It indeed looks mysterious!


This crystal ice cave is completely a natural, so it is called the “crystal palace in nature”


It is definitely the best scenery during winter in Iceland and the ideal time to visit for ice cave exploration!


However, entering the blue ice cave can be dangerous. If you intend to explore, you must follow a professional tour guide with safety gears to ensure your adventure experience doesn’t go south.


If you have a chance to visit Iceland, remember to visit here as well!


Location: Vatnajökull, Finland