[Hong Kong] Unique snack/desert item in Tai Po – Crispy Toast Bites with Almond & Chocolate sauce!

Oct 18, 2021 | Hong Kong, Food

Toast bites are a very unique dessert item that you can even eat as a snack. Our perfect pick for authentic toast bites are at a street market in Tai Po instead of café. They serve you with a pyramid of crispy toast bites that is a perfect cure for your sweet tooth.
When served with rich hazelnut cocoa sauce, almond and icing, the taste are very rich and yum!

The toasts are perfectly grilled which a crispy texture.

There are over 20 Crispy Toast Bites, and are served in a layer that looks like a delicious Pyramid, waiting to be devoured.

Hazelnut cocoa sauce topped on the toast, the most exquisite item from the list of the menu.

“Honey Toast” the soothing toast with a sweet twist.

Bella’s Café (珞桐冰室)
Address: Shop P2, Plover Cove Road Market, 3 Plover Cove Road, Tai Po