[Hong Kong] Tsui Wah Restaurant, a must-try tea house for their most sought after fish balls.

Mar 17, 2021 | Hong Kong, Food

When you visit Hong Kong, the sign of “Tsui Wah Restaurant” will greet you almost everywhere on the street. This tea house has many branches, and you will never be away from one of its branches on the street. The original “Tsui Wah Restaurant” was founded in 1967 and has a history of many years. It started off as a small restaurant in Mong Kok in the beginning and it captured a huge customer based that has now developed it into into a group-style tea house with many branches.


“Tsui Wah Restaurant” is one of the famous Hong Kong-style tea houses in Hong Kong. It is also the first 24-hour tea house! So if you feel hungry at odd time, all you have to do is hunt for the nearest branch of “Tsui Wah Restaurant”. The branch located on Wellington Street in Central is a home for many artists and celebrities. Also this branch is close to Lan Kwai Fong, a nightlife area in Hong Kong, too! So you can eat healthy & tasty food at affordable price & spend the rest exploring the glittering nightlife of Hong Kong.


“Tsui Wah Restaurant” has its own slogan: “Fish ball is dominant. Curry is king.”
They boast of their standardized taste across all its branches & hence their customer base has just grown multifold over the years. No wonder they are very confident in their own products. Fish balls and curry are Tsui Wah Restaurant’s must-ordered items! In their long list of savoury delicacies, their “Fish Ball Rice noodles” is definitely a must-try choice. It uses carefully handpicked fresh rice eel with more than a dozen kinds of fresh fish, and is freshly prepared every morning. The food is full of flavor, and no coloring is added to retain the distinct taste. You will most certainly not leave without praising the meal.


“Tsui Wah Restaurant” is a destination of authentic fish ball taste and well guarded recipie to quench your hunger. Must try location on your visit to Hong Kong!