[Hong Kong] Traditional Hongkongese food served in a famous restaurant in Sheung Wan! You must try their “Omelet-Beef Bun” and “Milk Tea in glass bottle”!

Dec 2, 2021 | Hong Kong, Food

If you are on a budget trip and still want to experience the best food and lifestyle of HongKong then Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building in Hong Kong is a great place to venture. It provides delicious meals at affordable prices without compromising of the quality of the food. Their “Omelet-Beef Bun” and “Milk Tea in glass bottle” is definitely worth a shot.

The omelet is quite filling as it contains lots of beef and green onion, served as a bun. That’s so yummy, healthy as well as nutritious & affordable.


“Omelet -Beef Bun” is totally a must-try item, which is a hot selling item on their menu!




“Omelet-Beef Bun”, can be perfectly complemented with “Milk Tea in glass bottle”! Rich and strong flavor of Hong Kong style milk tea, is an excellent way to wash down the Omelet Beef Bun.



Shui Kee Coffee (瑞記咖啡)
Address: Shop No. 17, Level 2, Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building