[Hong Kong] Time-honored restaurant in Tai Po, serving their famous cuisine: Claypot Rice!

Nov 18, 2021 | Food, Hong Kong

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In today’s fast moving instant food world, few things that are becoming extinct are traditional recipes of good soul food. Tai Po restaurant does an excellent job of curating the clay pot rice dish. It’s a simple yet amazing dish that requires perfect attention to details while cooking. Not just do they have excellent taste but they have mouthwatering variety to leave you confused.

It is no surprise that their quality of food attracts quantity of customers hence there is always a long queue outside their restaurant. Many people are willing to wait for even an hour just for their famous cuisines, like Claypot Rice, Rice Noodle Rolls and Congee.

There are many varieties of Claypot Rice for you to choose from. If you have difficulty in choosing, you should go through the menu options thoroughly & take time to pick the one you want! Their one serving of claypot rice is very sumptuous.

Some of their time honored & expertly made dishes also include:

Chinese Preserved Meat Claypot Rice (公司臘味煲仔飯)
There are different kinds of Lap-mei (Chinese Preserved Meat) including smoked sweet pork sausage, duck liver sausage, and Chinese style bacon.


Chinese style smoked pork sausage & pork ribs Claypot Rice (臘腸排骨煲仔飯)
The pork ribs served in this restaurant are juicy & cooked to perfection, and with suitably big portion.


Hong Kong Style Minced Beef with Egg over Claypot Rice (窩蛋牛肉煲仔飯)
The minced beef is topped with green onion and egg, which makes the dish a sight for sore eyes!


Chinese style chicken feet & pork ribs Claypot Rice (鳳爪排骨煲仔飯) is also an item that’s definitely worth your try!


Steamed eel with black bean sauce Claypot Rice (豉椒白鱔煲仔飯)

The taste of steamed eel and black bean sauce when combined together makes a great combination of taste of good health, that adds sparkle to Claypot Rice!


The Claypot Rice tingles your taste buds with its aroma & fills your stomach & heart with content, yet leaving you wanting for more.

Chan Hon Kee (陳漢記粥麵專家)
Address: G/F, No. 89 Wan Tau Street, Tai Po