[Hong Kong] Tea house in Yuen Long, serving Double Egg & Pork Chop Rice to you!

Oct 18, 2021 | Hong Kong, Food

Tea house is one of the traditional food cultures in Hong Kong. If you visit Hong Kong, we recommend you taste the tradition especially at a tea house in Yuen Long which their “Double Egg & Pork Chop Rice” that serves the most unforgettable dish.

The fried pork chop is cooked freshly after you place an order, and it has crispy skin yet soft and juicy meat, that is a perfect hunger savior.

Pork chop and fried eggs are cooked perfectly, and is an expert specimen of the control of cooking time and fire.

Soy sauce is definitely a game changer in the food arena.

When you mix the rice with soy sauce and egg, together they make a heavenly and an extraordinary taste!

Happy House (開心小敘)
Address: No.43, G/F, Ho Shun King Building, 3 Fung Yau Street South, Yuen Long

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