[Hong Kong] Prince Edward must-eat item: Pineapple Bun with Pork Chop!

Nov 18, 2021 | Hong Kong, Food

Good food attracts people like flowers attract honey bees!

It is no surprise when you see a long queue outside a restaurant that serves good food. One such place is a restaurant in Prince Edward, where there is always a long queue outside to dine there.

In addition to the famous Pineapple Bun with butter, the Pineapple Bun with Pork Chop is also one of the must-try menu options!

There are many fillings inside the crispy Pineapple Bun, which consists of large pieces of pork chop, lettuce, tomato and salad sauce


The pork chop is thick in size which makes it super juicy, yummy & filling at the same time.



They are all freshly made, so it is still very hot while it is served.


If you find yourself confused on which one to choose we recommend you try both..!!!


Kam Wah Café (金華冰廳)
Address: G/F, 47 Bute Street, Prince Edward