[Hong Kong] Pottinger Street in Central, where you can take good pictures and learn history!

Sep 30, 2021 | Hong Kong, Play

When you travel to a place, you must always try to soak into the historical relic of the place that makes it so authentic & unique and worth visiting. If you want to capture the famous streets of Hong Kong, you must visit Pottinger Street! Pottinger Street in Central, Hong Kong is a first-class historical building. The street connects Hollywood Road on the hill with Connaught Road underneath the hill. Because the section from Queen’s Road Central to Hollywood Road is relatively difficult to access, rocks are used to cover the road, so people started calling Pottinger Street as “Stone Street” eventually.


Due to its authenticity to embody the true essence of Hong Kong Pottinger Street also makes its place in many movies like “Lust Caution”, “October Besieged City”, “Infernal Affairs III”, “Dragon and Phoenix Fight” and other blockbuster movies have been shot here!


In the old days, shops in Pottinger Street mainly traded in ready-made garments, groceries, and stationery, which could meet the daily needs of the neighbourhood at that time. Nowadays, most of the shops there changed to bars and restaurants, making it an attraction for foreigners & tourists.


When you visit Pottinger Street, we recommend you to also visit Hollywood Road as well. Central Police Department and Victoria Prison are located at there! Both buildings are rich in Hong Kong colonial colors and capture classic Hong Kong.


Nowadays, there are still many old shops near Pottinger Street. You can take photos and experience the history of Hong Kong at the same time. It’s a great experience!

Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong
Address: Hollywood Road to Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong