[Hong Kong] Kwai Fong Must-try food stall, providing “Sweet and Spicy Fish Ball” and Super Giant “Steamed Meatball”!

Dec 2, 2021 | Hong Kong, Food

If you want to taste authentic Honkongese Food in the fast lane of the bustling life in the city, then the must visit place for you is a famous food stall nearby Kwai Fong MTR Station, which provides cheap yet delicious Hong Kong styled snacks! This stall has been there for many years and its specialty is Spicy curry fish balls, with special sweet and spicy sauce, is a must-try item for spice-lovers!
They also serve a bunch of three super giant steamed meatballs (with minced beef) too!
Spicy curry fish balls’ sauces taste sweet and spicy. Its deliciousness comes from its secret ingredient which is chopped red cluster pepper!


A bunch of three super giant meatballs making by minced beef, tastes refreshing and juicy! They also contain Chinese water chestnuts inside too which makes them taste crunchy and juicy while eating.


After eating three giant meatballs, you will definitely be full!


Siu Mai is served with sweet soy sauce and curry chili sauce and is a very appetizing tempting and filling dish.



Keung Kei Siu Sik (強記小食)
Address: Exit D, Kwai Fong MTR Station, Hong Kong